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Monthly Archives: January 2012

Me vs. Zee, Could It Possibly Be?

Jan 25 0 Comments

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The montage below was what was formerly the background image for SomeGirlsAreBornWinners for a brief time in 2010.
Okay, so I know a lot of people love Harley Davidson shirts (myself a collector and religious daily wearer of them for over ten years), and I’m sure just as many people are all about the moto-rock look too. However, flipping through the December 2011 issue of Elle Magazine, one of my favorite stylists and acquaintances (Mr. Zee and I worked with one another for a few weeks filming the TV show “All on the Line”)  the talented Joe Zee, featured Jessica Biel in a look that kind of made me do a double take…
Left: Photo taken of me, August of 2010
Center: Photo shoot styled by me for Click Model Management, August 2011
Right: Jessica Biel in Elle Magazine, December 2011

Who Wore it Better? Kristin vs. Alexa

Jan 25 0 Comments

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Here we go again…Thanks to my followers and friends for catching these WWB’s for me!
Actress/Singer Kristin Chenoweth or Me? : )
Kristin wearing a Miguelina dress at the June 22nd, 2011 CMT Music Awards…Me wearing a vintage dress  at the Gemma Kahng fashion show May 5th, 2011

A Cordial Invitation to the Grammy Award’s After-Party at the Playboy Mansion

Jan 22 0 Comments
To My Loyal Blog Readers,

It is with a great deal of excitement and honor that I can announce to you that this year, I will be styling and co-producing a fashion show held at the Playboy Mansion for the official Grammy Awards after party hosted by Sean “Diddy” Combs on the evening of Sunday, February 12th (directly following the Grammy’s). 

The fashion show, scheduled to begin at 11pm on a beautiful runway constructed on the grounds of the Mansion’s backyard, will feature, amongst other suprises, a limited edition capsule collection I have helped in collaborating on with esteemed designer Von Vonni, along with fine jewelry and accessories provided by Alex Soldier and and custom shoes by Zigi as well as other surprise designers. The fashion show will be covered by over 25 world press outlets including E!, NBC, Getty Images, and many more. The excitement extends far beyond just the fashion show with what promises to be a night of epic proportions. 

Von Vonni, Lorenzo Hill-White and I playing dress-up in Von’s Studio

A small snapshot featuring a legion of Von Vonni’s exclusive list of international followers including fashion icons Tinsley Mortimer, Tatiana Sorokko & Leigh Lezark.

Being that Mr. Hefner will be honored at this years Grammy’s as the selected recipient of the prestigious Angel Wish Humanitarian Award, it is only fitting that the celebrations continue at the private home of the original Playboy himself. Featured DJ’s of the night will be DJ Playmate Coleen Shannon and DJ Award.

Dj Coleen Shannon

With a handful of surprise performances by Grammy nominees along with an open bar, all-hours buffet, the legendary pools and grotto ready for your company, all surrounded by the world’s most beautiful women and the entertainment industry’s most celebrated artists, this night will truly be unforgettable.

In case you forgot how epic a Playboy event is…

And how can you pass up the legendary Grotto???!!!

It is my distinct honor to invite you to attend and hope that you can share in all of the excitement with me. Below you will find a link where you may purchase a variety of different ticket packages. While the prices are understandably steep, please note that a portion of all ticket sales for this event will be going directly back to the Angel Wish foundation.
For any inquiries regarding sponsorship or press opportunities, please leave your email address in the comments box and I will respond to you shortly.

A Pseudo-Diagnostic Look at the Best and the Worst Dressed of the 2012 Golden Globe Awards

Jan 18 0 Comments
This year’s Golden Globes was filled with so many fashion highs and lows, it was like watching the rotation circuit at a psychiatric bipolar ward. The stars were out in full force but one thing that was noticeably discernible between this awards show and those in recent weeks past was that no one (ok, “no one” is a very overgeneralized term) looked just “fine;” it was either a strong armed effort at hall of fame fabulosity or a shutterbug sigh of what-were-you-thinking or that’s-the-best-you-could-really-do? Given the manic idiosyncrasies displayed at this year’s pony show, otherwise known as the Golden Globe’s red carpet, I simply couldn’t narrow down a top five “best” and a top five “worst” dressed.
 This time I’ve decided that my list need be just a little bit lengthier, thus putting seven women in each category with the addition of a special category uniquely it’s own. This unique category I speak of is a “baseline” category if you will; a standard for ranking the fashion manics and fashion depressants if we’re going to keep on with the medical lingo for today’s post. As the category stands as a basis of comparison to judge where other dresses fall, the category, therefore, can only be held by yet one individual to set the standard for “average.” I specifically use the terms baseline and average because the woman whom I have deemed the link between those who unabashedly held court in the narrow spectrum of fashion fabulosity and those who contrariwise positioned themselves in fashion fatuity may at first seem an unconventional choice. So whom, you may wonder, is this one lady I felt simply looked just “average” amidst the already slim pickings of A-list contenders worth deeming list-worthy at all? My answer to you, Angelina Jolie. While my decision may come as a vehement shock to many of you reading this, allow me to make my argument for why Angelina Jolie was the only woman who simply looked “ok” and whom I could use as a tool of measurement to diagnose the fashionably fierce and the fashionably feeble.
While there is no denying that Ms. Jolie has an ethereal presence that surpasses arguably every actress on the red carpet (let alone every woman in the world), it is that very quality that has dubiously brainwashed us into believing she is always the most beautiful, and therefore always the best dressed. While she may wear a dress better than anyone else, one must be careful to discern the difference between wearing something well and something that is worth wearing.

Angie’s “Schmatta:” The Newest Craze or Just Plain Crazy?

As much as I love my fellow Parsons kin Tim Gunn, it was one of the gravest disappointments when I read in an article published around 2010 that quoted Mr. Gunn as believing Angelina Jolie was, in his opinion the “best dressed” woman Hollywood.
My friends, I am the first to tell you that my degree in Integrated Design by no means constitutes my collegiate-earned ability to perform, excel, or even dabble in the social sciences, HOWEVER, a very simple case study with the use of a little photoshop goes a long way to prove that Mr. Gunn, like so many others, has been brainwashed by the Jolie effect that looking good automatically constitutes being “well-dressed.”
To prove my point, below you will find six of Ms. Jolie’s most “googlable” red carpet looks with the catch that (many thanks to photoshop, although I’m sure Dr. Paul Nassif could’ve done a much better job) I have replaced her face with those of the cast of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (fair enough choice, nest pas?).


Do you really think any of these women would have made it on a best dressed list given dress as Angelina? I will give props to Lisa though, she does look damn good.

To be fair, I have also proven my point inversely by taking the standard promo shot for the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and replacing their faces with Angelina’s…


Even Kim (far right) is starting to look a lot more banging when her face isn’t in a state of perpetual hangover.

After looking at the above experiment (and forgiving the fact that my photoshopping skills were simply used to express a quick point) I truly challenge someone to tell me that Ms. Jolie is, indeed, the “best dressed” woman in Hollywood.

Now without further adieu, I present to you Angelina Jolie in a dress by Atelier Versace. At first glance you are nearly blown away by the beauty that is Ms. Jolie, however, upon closer inspection I can say with whole-hearted truthfulness that this is nothing more than a “good” dress that happens to be styled “well.” The fit is how all red carpet dresses should fit, the silhouette is interesting but not epic, there is an element of risk with the accents of red but an overarching feel of safety with the classic creme silk, the cut is conservative, so while the woman in the dress may be something to write home about, putting all Angelina biases aside I believe it is fair to say that overall this look is just that; fair.

If you still don’t believe me, I give you my last shoddy photoshop attempt to prove to you that even Megan Fox, whom many consider a “younger” Angelina Jolie, would cause little but a TMZ mention and the dress would be forgotten just as quickly as the first Transformers movie.

Try to imagine Megan’s arms slightly less emaciated and I bid you a last chance to argue that this dress deserves to be a contender on any list, “worst” or “best.”

Now that I have given you my most fruitful efforts in trying to prove the pseudo-science behind the right to constitute a “best dressed” nominee and a “worst dressed” nominee, although admittedly having strayed from what the initial intention of this article was meant to be (simply yet another catty list), it is with hopes that at the very least I have amused you thus far but at best I have encouraged you to fine-tune your eye when evaluating a look. And now…for the lists….

The Top Seven Best Dressed 
in No Particular Order

Dianna Agron in Giles Deacon
Elle Macpherson in Zac Posen
Sofia Vergara in Vera Wang
Charlize Theron in Christian Dior
Kate Beckinsale in Roberto Cavalli
Tilda Swinton in Haider Ackermann
Dame Helen Mirren in Badgley Mischka
The Top Seven Worst Dressed 
in No Particular Order

Kelly Osbourne
If you’ve ever watched Disney’s The Little Mermaid, I have one word for you: Ursula
Morena Baccarat
Her age and her breasts have two things in common, they’re both 32’s and members of the sag.
Sarah Michelle Gellar
The residuals from Buffy weren’t as generous as we may have thought. Ms. Gellar is now acting as spokesperson for Clorox Blue Automatic Toilet Cleaner. Apparently endorsements pay well.
Kate Winslet
Unfortunately I believe her sense of fashion sank along with her role in Titanic.
Jessica Biel
If this is any indication of what she will look like on her wedding day, Justin better re-think his decision. And if the camel-toed granny panties peeking through underneath aren’t enough to make Justin run, then it’s a lot easier to understand how he could’ve dated bad sh*t crazy Britney Spears for so long. They do say that two birds of a feather flock together…
Jodie Foster.
She’s certainly not attracting any men…or women…in this dress. All I can think when I see this dress is it looks like someone from Oshkosh B’Gosh got in a fight with a Shabbat tablecloth and together they birthed out the most sinful pair of shoes I’ve ever seen.
Michelle Williams
Marilyn died 50 years ago, Heath died four years ago, the only thing left to be mourning is the end of her respect as a fashion icon?

Not Just Your Grandmother’s Bag…

Jan 16 0 Comments
If you were lucky enough to have a grandmother in your life, then chances are (and chances even greater if you are a reader of my blog) that on more than a few occasions you have rifled through your grandmother’s closet and taken notice of the treasures in which she’d acquired.

A Beaded Needlepoint Bag from the Collection of Sylvia Pine

The great thing about a grandmother’s belongings is that unlike a mother’s, grandma’s pieces generally have a lot more history to them and when inspected carefully, are constructed a great deal differently than anything you are likely to find in mom’s seasonal wardrobe.

It doesn’t matter whether you are buying couture or Kohl’s, the products that are marketed to us today in the fashion industry are specifically presented to us as “replacements” for something that has been psychologically ingrained in us as passé, even if it was something we bought only a few months ago. A high-end designer like Chanel produces upwards of six collections every year, often presenting a bag or a garment derived from the exact same pattern used time again seasons past, with only a slight variation on a new hardware or material. Similarly, a department store such as Kohl’s is equally as conscious of the American consumer’s desire to have the latest thing before anyone else, so it should come as no surprise that a New Jersey-based Kohl’s store also receives six collections per year from their top selling juniors line.

With such a rapid product turnover rate, it should come as no surprise that the art of fine craftsmanship is a dying, if not already dead skill in America. There are many factors that have contributed to the reasons behind the “death” of the skilled artisan and the plunge in domestic-made products including a very important factor which can’t be overlooked; that being the cost of producing merchandise requiring such timely and laborious efforts under fair market labor laws. However regressing back to earlier points made in this article, I believe that another very important point to take note of which has allowed these skills to dissipate from our lives is because our generation has been raised in a culture so consumed by video games and online shopping, that we were just simply “too busy” to ever take the time to learn the skills behind the handiwork of what many of our grandmothers and great-grandmothers had mastered. In America we have become, what I believe, a generation of observers; we are no longer a generation of creators.

I would like to focus specifically on the art of needlepoint and petit point because, like most topics I choose to write about, I was struck by something absolutely incredible that I saw that beckoned me to do research into finding out more about it and feeling the gutting urge that I absolutely had to share with my readers the new treasures I had found.

Beaded Needlepoint Bag from Sylvia Pines UNIQUITIES

Many young adults have heard of needlepoint or petit point but far less often can they actually discern the difference, let alone explain the process of either. In the effort of getting to what some of you may consider the “fun stuff,” I will spare you the fine details (needlepoint joke! no puns intended) but must first give you a very quick overview of the few things you should know about the art of fine needlepointing and petit pointing… courtesy of our friends at (I know…).

So…What is NeedlePoint?

Needlepoint and embroidery are interrelated. Embroidery encompasses any art which involves decorating fabrics with stitched designs; needlepoint consists of using a tent stitch, also known as a half cross stitch, to create designs on stiff mesh or open-weave fabric, typically canvas. Needlepoint, then, is a particular type of embroidery.
The history of needlepoint and embroidery reaches back to the ancient world. Fragments of embroidered items have been found in numerous areas, most notably Egypt and China. Basic stitches such as cross stitch, half cross stitch and satin stitch have been found on textiles that are more than 3,000 years old. From this, needlepoint and cross stitch can be considered some of the oldest forms of embroidery.”

And lastly… What is Petit Point?

“Petit point — meaning “small point” in French and also known as a needlepoint stich — is a type of embroidery stitch. It is worked on a canvas or woven base and consists of diagonal stitches.
The canvas that is used, often made of cotton or linen, is composed of warp and woof threads. The warp threads, which are the vertical threads, and the woof threads, which are the horizontal threads, are typically stretched in an embroidery hoop to make the fabric taut. The petit pointstitch itself runs on a diagonal and crosses over an intersection of one horizontal and one vertical thread making a slanted stitch at a 45-degree angle. The thread count or number of stitches to the inch is very small, enabling the sewer to create pictorials as in tapestry.
Petit point has an illustrious history in that it was a favorite activity of Madame de Maintenon, the second wife of King Louis XIV of France. She founded the Saint Cyr l’École, a school for poor girls of good families, located in a small village near Versailles. As part of the education curriculum, all young ladies were taught needlepoint and petit point.”

If you’ve bared with me this long, you’re probably wondering where the hell I am going with all this and why you should care about a lost craft. Well my fashion lovers, let me tell you, while the craft itself may not be reviving itself anytime soon, the privilege of sporting one of these elegantly crafted hand-sewn bags is a trend you aught to get your hands on before the reasonably low prices these treasures go for becomes as historical as the bags themselves.

Petit Point Bag from Silvia Pines UNIQUITIES

Walking down Lexington Avenue a few days ago, I immediately came to a halt when I was taken aback by one of the most beautiful window fronts I had seen in well, a few blocks. The name of the store was “Sylvia Pines UNIQUITIES” and the window was filled with a melange of unbelievably unique vintage bags and jewelry that immediately got my heart rate going into a shopper’s tachycardia.

The Storefront of Sylvia Pines UNIQUITIES

I entered the store, and sitting on a small stool in front of a wall hung floor to ceiling with the most exquisite antique handbags I had ever seen sat Sylvia Pines herself.

Pink Floyd’s got nothing on THIS wall!

Sylvia, a woman who in stature and presence was just as delicate and curious as her bags (however ask her more than three questions and her tongue becomes about as sharp as one of the  edges on her brass framed bags), kindly let me photograph
some of her most interesting pieces; pieces that couldn’t help lending my mind to thoughts of “well, if I donate some blood and don’t eat for a day…then maaaaybe I can buy one of these.”

Much to my surprise, Sylvia’s collection of antique bags were not nearly as expensive as I had assumed they were. Granted, they were not “cheap,” however given the nearly-mint condition they were in and the time spent creating any one of these given bags, I found her prices to be exceptionally reasonable.

A petit point bag. I don’t think my patience would last past stitching a branch.

Sylvia’s antique bags, ranging from “basic needlepoint” (an oxymoron, I believe) to intricate petit point adhered to century-old framework, range from US $75 to just over $3,000. The store has been in existence for 32 years and has been named by the New York Magazine as one the the “best stores to visit in New York.”

One of Sylvia’s Needlepoint Bags

Carrying a bag like one you my find in Sylvia’s store is less of a trend than it is a trademark. To carry a piece of history like any of the bags shown here is a statement that can transform any outfit, and true to the adage, a statement as old as time.

One of my personal favorite beaded needlepoint bags featured in the storefront window.

While I’ll be the first to admit that I’d probably sell my own eggs to have an authentic Ostrich-skin Hermes Birkin bag (the 50 cmm in royal blue please!), there’s something to be said about owning a bag that no matter how hard anyone may try – it cannot possibly be replicated and sold at a booth on Canal Street.

One of Sylvia’s Needlepoint Bags

Sylvia Pine’s UNIQUITIES shop is located at 1102 Lexington Avenue, Tuesday-Saturday 10am-5pm.
For further information call 212.744.5141

The Best and the Worst Dressed of the 2012 People’s Choice Awards

Jan 14 0 Comments
The Top Five Best Dressed 
in No Particular Order

From head to well, ankle (the shoes could use some work), Jennifer Morrison was the epitome of timeless perfection in Oscar de la Renta.
Taking a cue from Ms. Morrison, Lea Michelle was clueless and looked shoeless but her white, tight, fringy and bright Marchesa dress made up for any imperfections her feet may have had.
The normally coo coo looking Cuoco was a breath of fresh air in this floral Badgley Mischka.
OMG, did Miley actually just make me smiley?! I almost went INTO  a coma when I saw Miley Cyrus don this David Koma stunner.
I don’t care what anyone says, Sharon Osbourne is rocking this look harder than a Black Sabbath concert. Mad props to Sharon for showing you can look sophisticated AND fierce at any age.
The Top Five Worst Dressed 
in No Particular Order

Was Emma just Stoned? And will someone give her back her Lucky Charms ASAP?

They call her plain Jane (Levy) for a reason…

Actress/Pageant winner Courtney Coleman later apologized to the press after walking the red carpet; her momager had accidentally mixed up Courtney’s calendar, swapping her intended People’s Choice Award’s dress with the outfit she was supposed to wear to the yodeling whore talent portion of the Miss USA pageant. 

Her last name may be GOODman, but Ginnifer looked frightfully bad in this floral shop deposit.

Whitney Cummings, right, ended up on my worst dressed list for committing a fashion taboo far greater than dressing like a stoned leprechaun or a slutty maid. Cummings had the audacity to not only pull a repeat look from a fellow actress, but to pull that look from Angelina Jolie of all actresses and actually think she could get away with it! CUM’ on, CUMMINGS! Who were you trying to fool here?!

Who Wore it Better? Brandi vs. Alexa

Jan 11 0 Comments
Look familiar? Oh right, it just so happens to be the dress I feature on the background of my blog.
So I guess the real question is….Who Wore it Better?!
Brandi Glanville of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills or Me? : )
Brandi wearing the Anna Sui dress January of 2012… Me wearing the dress in 2010…
Inspiration is the greatest form of flattery I suppose!

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