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Monthly Archives: November 2010

That’s Verrry ‘Knit’

Nov 30 0 Comments

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Forget knitting a quilt, a table cloth or something else you can find in your grandmother’s home. The art once thought to be designated for a senior citizen age group, is growing more and more popular among the young. Not only popular, trendy as well! Christine Ettelson proves this statement as she bobs and weaves her way onto the wrists and necks of stylish girls. Using materials, such as suede, Ettelson’s meticulous work is evident in each loop while simultaneously creating an overall stunning piece of jewelry. A native Chicagoan like myself (and also a former high school classmate of mine), Christine is breaking ground in the NYC fashion scene and already has been featured in New York Magazine. Her accessories can be found at Julie Haus in SoHo.

It’s Greek to Me!

Nov 29 0 Comments

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What girl doesn’t like to be artfully bedazzled? And what better way to do it than with beautiful Frangos Nikolas Handcrafted Jewelry. I have been a huge fan of Frangos’ gems for awhile, almost always photographed in at least one of his pieces. Frangos is a Greek designer who designs for the internationally glamorous in mind. You can wear his great pieces with simple day-wear or with an immaculate evening gown – it’s your choice. One thing is certain, however, heads will turn when you strut the street with these stones!

Crystal-Studded Cocktail Ring

Black Pear-shaped Crystal Earrings

A Pheasant Surpise

Nov 26 1 Comments
As a vegetarian who doesn’t eat vegetables, to say Thanksgiving is one of my least favorite holidays is a bit of an understatement. Instead of making some hokey entry about Thanksgiving and what I’m grateful for (amongst other things, at the dinner table tonight I said I was “thankful I was not a turkey,” I decided to make this Thanksgiving-day blog about fashion, “pheasant fashion” if you will (believe me, I understand the irony behind it). Below I have compiled a few of my favorite “pheasant-fashion-moments” if you will… Please enjoy. And last but not least, happy thanksgiving!
 Alberta Ferretti

 Alice + Oliva
Audrey by LiveInStyle
Chanel Fine Jewelry
Dolce & Gabbana
Haji Couture
 Helena Rubenstein
 Irina Shibayeva
 Irina Shibayeva
Just Making Sure You Are Paying Attention!
Lee Klabin
Michael Teperson
Irina Shibayeva
Philip Treacy
Rheanna Lingham
Rudi Gernreich, 1966 Collection
Savatore Ferragamo
Alexander McQueen
Alexa Winner Custom Headband (as seen on me, far left)
Alexander McQueen
Alexander McQueen
Shu Uemura
Styled by Anne Della Russo
Vintage Kate Moss
 Vogue, May 1970
Zang Toi
Vivienne Westwood
Vintage Yves Saint Laurent

Rock ‘N’ Rhinestone

Nov 24 0 Comments

When I’m not busy styling, one of my other passions is creating and designing.Seen above is one of my favorite and most popular creations, a pair of Swarovski crystal-studded platform heels. Clients of this magnificent foot gear range from private New York City residents to celebrity-status ones like the beautiful Alexandra Richards, daughter of Rock ‘N’ Roll legend Keith Richards.
The shoes use over 1200 individual Swarovski crystals and take about 12 hours of meticulous labor to make, setting in each crystal by hand with e6000 glue (available at M & J Trimming). This particular pair looks great with skinny dark denim blue jeans and a vintage tee (day wear) or even a fun LBD (night wear).
Shoes can be custom-ordered in a multitude of colors. Prices are available upon request by emailing me directly,

8″ Heel? No Big Deal.

Nov 23 0 Comments
When I came across a website advertising the highest platform available on the high streets of London, I knew I had to be the first to have them in the United States. 9-inch, what a cinch. Unfortunately, to my dismay, I learned they wouldn’t be available until January. Once my mind becomes set on something, however…I. Have. To. Have. It.

 Since my mind was set, but the shoe was impossible to get, I figured I’d give it a go at the 8-inch heel; perhaps “my training wheels” for the 9-inch, so to speak. After receiving my first online-ordered pair of 8-inch heels, I have worn them twice within two days and have become fully addicted.
No MAJOR falls yet, but if I were to fall I’m certain it would be considered an intentional suicide as opposed to an accidental injury. Given the height alone, it’s fair to say that a fall from the shoes is equivalent to a plunge out of a first story building. So, I doubt people would have sympathy for my injuries, but, then again, beauty IS pain.

Thus said, I wore them again to work today and in brutal honesty, I can say its like walking on those absolutely queer moon boots we all had in the 1990’s but are too embarrassed to admit. The platform negates the height of the heel, therefore, it’s literally like walking on bricks. Take my word for it! (Just don’t blame me if you fall).

A Hard Day’s Work

Nov 23 0 Comments
Another day, another diamond! Playing dress up with a girl’s best friend is fun even if at the end of the day you have to return her to the rightful owner. Out and about in Midtown, I spent the day browsing jewels for an anonymous celebrity client. And just look at these beauties?! Bet that desk job is feeling more and more dull with each sparkle. *sigh*

Keep checking my blog to see what celebrity will be ringing in her birthday with the gorgeous gems!

***All diamonds courtesy of John Magzalcioglu from Diamonds International***

Shopping for a Cause

Nov 23 0 Comments
Dear Friends, please join us in a VERY special cause.
As some of you may know, I am a representative for the Donate Life foundation, a foundation this is committed to spreading awareness about the importance of organ and tissue donation. In doing so, I was an honored guest at their last charity event and offered up my styling services to the winning bidder of a raffled auction. As it turns out, the winning bidder happened to be the guest speaker, a beautiful girl named Kristin Molini who at the age of 25, has spent half of her life in and out of the hospital and has already received FIVE organ donations due to a condition called gastro-pareisis (paralyzation of all the organs in and around your stomach). Moreover, Kristin has not been able to afford jeans, shoes, or ANYTHING new in ages.
So on November 30th, Kristin and I will be spending the day together shopping and going around to designer’s showrooms to pick out a new wardrobe for her and give her the ultimate girl’s fantasy day. As such, we humbly ask of you, in support of Kristin, to either donate clothing/shoes/dresses/jewelry for her (if it is from your personal closet, you may ship it to my address), if you are a designer, she would love to come to your showroom too and really see what the behind-the-scenes world of fashion is like, or if you are unable to do either, a check, even for $5, written to the name of Kristin Molini, will help provide me with a budget to take her shopping. Whatever you can provide for Kristin, big or small, will make a huge difference to a girl who hasn’t had a meal in 9 years and lives off a feeding tube, yet is brave enough to tell her heroic story in front of large audiences in old clothes that barely fit her.
You may send any checks in the name of:
Kristin Molini and any packages or letters to:
Alexa Winner c/o Kristin Molini
304 Mulberry Street – Apt 2M
New York, NY 10012
Kristins special day will be documented on our new blog available by going to, and all contributors will receive special recognition on the blog and a letter from Kristin herself. I really encourage you to look at her website,, and if you are able and inclined, you can know that Kristin wears a size 7.5 shoe, is about a size 00 in pants, a size small in shirts, about 80-85 lbs, and around 5’7.
Thank you for taking the time to read this letter and I appreciate your support.

Welcome to Some Girls are Born Winners!!!

Nov 23 0 Comments
With the New York frigid winter quickly approaching and the holiday season upon us, my team and I have quite a bit to be thankful for including the official launch of my blog.
Prepare to explore the exhilarating world of my team and I as we dive into the mystical New York City fashion scene and beyond. With so many characters, lavish events, and intriguing places its a sin NOT to share my experiences in the mecca of fashion.

 Meet designers coming up the ladder, sitting at the top or ones on their way to a comeback. Learn of clients going through life changes and through a wardrobe makeover. Watch us discover the most ludicrous finds from 8-inch platform heels to $1000-diamond-encrusted eyelashes. Experience the foot aches and heartbreaks of living in this glamorous, cutthroat realm of sharp stilettos, savvy size 2s, and sparkling sequins.

My hope is to show you most every facet of my crazy life through exotic finds, falling down flights of stairs and even nuttier individuals. Stay tuned because it’s just the beginning!!!

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